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Folding Windows

Folding Windows


Here at Blue Sky Windows we provide PremiFold window system that help you manage your space. When required our folding window panel can be easily stacked to provide you with an opportunity to invite and enjoy the outdoors atmosphere inside your home.




Our PremiFold Folding system is a popular choice for kitchens and open spaces.

Not only PremiFold design looks more appealing – it has individual panels that are barely dependent on each other and therefore the design provides better structural integrity of the whole unit.  PremiFold windows fitting and installation is simple and straightforward. It offers greater flexibility and increased ventilation as windows have sashes that move independently.


  • No visible hinges in the system.
  • Double and triple glazed units can be accommodated
  • Up to 6 overall panels with up to one meter wide each
  • Capable of achieving large spans
  • A huge variety of colours and realistic woodgrains including the latest colors recently added
  • Eco safe and sustainable product

Advantages of Folding Windows


More Options

Our PremiFold windows can come inwards or outwards, also can have an offset opening from centre to the sides, up to 6 panel at a meter each.


Warm and quiet

Folding windows by Blue Sky Windows have rubber seals and can be produced in both double and triple glazing and therefore enhance the performance of your home without compromise on functionality


Maintenance free

Same as rest of our windows, folding windows made of uPVC require no maintenance and can be easily cleaned.


Our prices

We can provide folding windows starting at 1000$ per panel.


More secure

All of our folding windows come with multipoint locking system on the handle side and minimum two locking points between swinging panes.


More Choice

Like all of our windows types, bifold windows in PremiFold system come in over 44 colours and finishes available including single and double sided options.

Style and quality
in every element

Transform your space with UPVC folding windows – Style, Functionality, and Durability in one!

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