When people buy new things, they always want to make sure that the quality of their purchase meets the price. It is easy to do this, for example, in a supermarket where you can touch the goods or even in some cases have a taste of the food you are going to buy. However, when it comes to buying new uPVC windows or doors, customers often realize that in fact they are buying a pig in a poke. Of course, you can request samples of glasses or profiles but you will not see the final construction until it is delivered to your entrance door.

Blue Sky Windows in Melbourne gives you a unique opportunity to see the uPVC constructions in their original size and shape before you buy them. We have built a special trailer which serves as a display model of our most popular uPVC products. With its help you will easily understand the difference between double and triple glazed windows, get familiar with various designs that are applied during assembly of uPVC windows and uPVC doors, find out about the security features that are offered by these modern constructions and much more.

Quite often our clients have some special preferences and wishes, but they do not know how to express them in words. Some would want a tilt and turn window, while others would prefer to have a vertical or horizontal sliding sash window. There are also awning and hopper windows, center pivots, casement windows, bay and bow windows. Clients who would like to buy uPVC doors will also face this wide range of terminology that can puzzle even the smartest person. With the help of our trailer you can choose the right construction without any troubles and long discussions. Our specialists will help you decide which design will best fit your house and interior and most likely you will be able to even test that construction right then and there.

DSC_0065There are also those that do not believe in many benefits uPVC windows and doors can offer. They think that this is a big trick that is used by dishonest companies to lure more people into buying new windows. They refuse to understand that reinforced polyvinyl chloride profiles are more functional and have better quality than conventional wooden frames, not to mention many other advantages that are characteristic for uPVC constructions. We understand that the widespread advertisements and promises can scare some people off, however we are ready to prove that our claims are more than empty words.

With the help of our presentation trailer our specialists can show you that uPVC windows can keep the temperature inside the building at a required level regardless of the climatic conditions outside of your house. This becomes possible due to enhanced insulation properties of double glazed polyvinyl chloride windows and doors which are enhanced even more if you install triple glazed constructions. Insulation allows you to not only save energy and cut your energy bills, but also make your house calmer and quieter. The vacuum between the panes acts like a noise absorber, that is why you may be sure that cars which constantly move past your house or noisy neighbors who like to shout at each other from time to time will not be a problem for you anymore.

WP_20170218_0031Blue Sky Windows specialists can also show you that our products are weather-proof. You can hose our trailer for many hours or leave it under the snow if weather permits. The trailer will remain always clean and dry inside. The same will apply to your house. New uPVC windows and doors will make it resistant to blizzards, heavy showers and other environmental phenomena so that you can enjoy a comfortable life in your beloved house.

Extra security that becomes a reality with uPVC doors and windows is also a very useful feature. Many people fail to understand that we are living in a society that is full of robbers, burglars and other criminals who usually choose to break into your house through windows and doors. Of course you can install the latest security system which will scan the perimeter of your house, record every movement and make an alarm if someone unwanted gets into your house. However, we believe it is more reasonable to take care of the entrances in the first place rather than turn to hi-tech devices that will guard a “shabby fortress”. Every client of Blue Sky Windows can test our trailer for security and make sure that all fittings, profiles and accessories are strong, reliable and safe.

Furthermore, many people feel that installation of new uPVC windows and doors will add unbearable chores to their daily routines. They believe that such complex constructions as polyvinyl chloride windows for example need to be cleaned with special detergents, varnished every year and repaired by a specialist just about every month. However, this is not true, since uPVC windows and doors require only occasional wiping with a soft cloth and oiling once every one or two years. What is more, modern compounds that are used for production of uPVC constructions ensure that the windows and doors do not rot or bend which will surely save you some money. Also, you will not need to paint them since polyvinyl chloride profiles do not lose their color even after five, ten or more years.

Finally, Blue Sky Windows offers constructions that are fire resistant. Unlike timber windows and doors, uPVC constructions are very difficult to ignite. This property makes it possible to provide better level of fire security which has unarguably become quite useful in Australian rural areas where bushfires and other natural accidents occur every now and then.

So, when energy bills are constantly growing, environmental issues are raised more and more often and building standards and regulations become stricter and harsher every year, it makes good sense to choose windows and doors that offer more for a lower cost. Durability, environmental sustainability, wide range of styles and designs and low maintenance requirements are only few of the properties that accelerated the growth of popularity of uPVC constructions on the modern market and made unplasticized poly vinyl chloride one of the most important materials used in the building industry.

Installation and selection of uPVC windowsHaving decided to buy new windows, it is worth to think about the material which will be used for manufacture of the whole construction. Modern manufacturers offer a good selection of materials such as aluminium, timber and uPVC (or simply plastic). The first two can be combined to create even more functional constructions. Sometimes, people find it difficult to choose between all these options, therefore we provide an overview of these materials and their characteristic features.

Aluminium is an ideal material for glazing of shop windows (i.e. large areas for glazing), entrance halls and partitions between two rooms (for example in an office).  The transparent section of the window is usually filled with traditional double or triple glazing (i.e. two or three glass panes), however it can be also filled with semi-transparent or nontransparent material, also known as a sandwich (aluminium or plastic). The aluminium profile is divided into two groups: “warm” and “cold”. Since aluminium is a good thermal conductor, outdoor glazing is usually performed with the “warm” aluminium (i.e. aluminium profile with a thermal separation that can be described as a thermal insulating insertion made of a special material that is fitted between the inner and outer parts of the profile). Warm aluminium windows are often installed in offices and other administrative buildings. “Cold” aluminium is used for manufacture of office partition walls and other constructions that are used only inside the building. All aluminium constructions are reliable, durable and resistant to environmental impacts.

uPVC windows are most frequently used for glazing of living areas such as apartments, cottages and other types of houses. Like “warm” aluminium, uPVC profiles are very good heat insulators that can be used for manufacture of office partition walls and glazing of hall entrances. However, uPVC constructions place strict limitations on the area that can be actually glazed. Regardless of all apparent advantages, aluminium is very rarely used for glazing of living areas, since the cost of “warm” aluminium constructions is much higher than those made of unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC). This is the main reason that explains the popularity and great demand for uPVC windows among ordinary house owners.

uPVC windows that are manufactured according to all technological requirements and instructions on modern high-quality equipment will definitely serve you for a long time. uPVC windows are not affected by impacts of external environment.

Wooden windows are most frequently used for glazing of apartments and countryside houses. The cost of such windows is considerably higher in comparison to uPVC and aluminium windows, because raw wood requires a lot of processing before it can used for manufacture of wooden profiles. All production stages include complex procedures like protection coating from insects and environmental negative effects, however the end result is certainly well worth its money.

Now, let us talk about advertisements.

Inexperienced customers very often become targets of dishonest advertisers and agitators that want to sell you their products. If you look closely, you can notice that they use a lot of funny clichés that have already become some sort of myths. Here are some of the most common:

Windows do not let cold air get inside your apartment.

Actually, ANY window lets out more heat than ANY wall. This means, that the ideal house with most heat saving efficiency would be built without windows at all. Would you like to live in such a lovely house? We seriously doubt that. Windows and doors (i.e. any openings in your walls) will aalways make up to 80% of all heat losses. There are no windows or doors that would totally prevent heat leaks in your house. However, good modern windows will save twice as much heat inside your house than old ordinary wooden windows. People often say, that uPVC windows often accumulate condensed water inside their glass units. There is nothing bad in this. It is just physics. If you cook soup for a long time with your windows closed, you will notice condensed water vapor not just on your windows, but on your walls as well. Modern windows have a very efficient system of sealing that prevents air drafts. This system also has some side effects. For example, you will need to air your room to reduce the level of humidity.

Windows suppress all street noises.

Firstly, not all windows have this feature and, secondly, the degree of suppression is very often exaggerated. For example, low-frequency noises produced by street trams, rock drills or highway traffic can be considerably blocked by right glass units, nonetheless the noises will still be heard inside the building.

High-frequency noises can be better blocked. If talking from a subjective point of view without any numbers, the noise will not disappear completely, however you can soon realize that you merely hear it. Still, if there is a high-speed motorway outside of your building, it is worth to install triple glazed windows with glasses of different thickness, for example 4 mm + 6mm + 4mm. This will give additional noise suppressing effect due to partial reduction of resonance. Apart from this, it might be a good idea to divide a large window into several smaller parts, since big glasses are more prone to resonance than small ones. Additionally, it is necessary to keep in mind that once you open the window the whole soundproofing effect will disappear, therefore if you really need quietness, you should think about some air conditioning systems that would keep your house fresh even if your windows are always closed.

There is a vacuum inside a glass unit.

The term “vacuum glass unit” is not quite correct. If there was a vacuum inside your uPVC window, then the pressure would crash the glasses inwards. In reality, the space between glasses of all uPVC windows is rarefied in order make those frames stick better to each other. However, this is not vacuum in its usual sense.

Thick triple glazed window unit is the best.

This is not always the case. There are several types of thermal exchange such as radiation exchange, convection exchange and conductivity exchange. The simplest one is solar radiation exchange. In order to make things clear, let us give an example. If you grab the metal handle of your frying pan without the oven mitt you will get a burn even though it is the pan that is heated by the flame and not the handle. Convection thermal exchange is connected to the transfer of heat with air (warm air moves upwards, while cold air moves downwards). In this case the air goes up along the inner (warm) glass and the empty space is then filled with cold air that goes down along the outer (cold) glass. In this way, we have constant circulation of cold and warm air inside the glass unit that helps to transfer heat outside and cold inside. This type of heat exchange is the most wasteful since the rate heat loss is enormously high. Narrow space between the glasses helps prevent the above mentioned circulation. Thus we need to care only about radiation and air conductivity exchanges. Now it becomes clear that the space between two glasses of the uPVC window is very carefully measured and has ideal ratios. Increase of space will inevitably lead to worsening of thermal characteristics of the whole uPVC construction.

Our experience shows that triple glazed windows are one of the best solutions for Melbourne due to their price-quality ratio. In order to enhance the insulating properties, standard glasses can be substituted for the so-called energy saving K-glasses that can reflect thermal emissions back into the house.

Prices for 1m2 of uPVC windows are unreasonably high.

It has been well said that there is no such thing as free lunch. This saying is very meaningful since this principle applies not only to your food but also to any other aspect of your life. If you have decided to change your windows, be ready to open your wallet wide. You should understand that modern uPVC windows cannot be cheaper than outdated wooden windows made by some shady firm. The prices for uPVC windows are almost the same throughout all Australia. If somebody offers you to install new windows for a ridiculous price, you should think twice before accepting such offers. Do not make your choice only because of some abstract sums. Do not be lazy to measure your windows with a simple tape, think over the configuration and layout, amount and sizes of the shutters, frames and other components. Make a call to a specialized company and let them do the calculations (Keep in mind that some tricky business owners try to cheat their customers by giving the total price without the goods and services tax). Do not forget to specify the full price you will have to pay for the delivery and installation of your new windows and other necessary details such as window sills, drip edges, transitional profiles etc.

The thicker the profile of your uPVC window and the more chambers it has, the better.

It is pointless to make your profile thicker and more complex than it should be, since its resistance to heat transfer is twice as large as that in a glass unit. If your window gets frozen in winter, then the frost will definitely stick to the glass and not to the window profile. You should rest assured that Australian winters are not cold enough to harm uPVC profiles in any way. Therefore, throw away your thoughts about all possible “construction peculiarities” and “technological novelties”. Profiles consisting of three, four or even five chambers will not make the difference and will not give additional insulation. The profile can consist even of ten chambers with ten contour rubber sealants, but this is just not necessary. No serious manufacturer will turn to such cheap tricks in order to attract more customers. The standard and most optimal scheme is a three-chamber profile, two or three sealants and a triple-glazed glass unit. All uPVC windows from the most well-known manufacturers are made in this way. Do not believe the “managers” of some firms who claim that either REHAU, VEKA, PROPLEX, KBE or INTERTEC is the best company. They are all equally good, so make your choice and enjoy the best products that modern window market can offer.

uPVC is ecologically unsafe. 

We do not want to offend anyone, but such claims often come from people who are out of subject. They are based not on personal experience, but rather on some outdated prejudices.

Indeed, some decades ago people used lead as a stabilizer during production of plastic windows. Later, this element was substituted with other materials, however this was done not only because of ecological hazard (although the amount of lead was within the allowed limits), but mainly due to emergence of cheaper and more efficient stabilizers. Emission of chlorine (Cl) is not supported by any scientific tests at all. Chlorine is present in many natural compounds like NaCl (table salt), however this fact does not scare anyone. Neither we refuse to buy PVC electric kettles that are exposed to boiling temperatures which exceed the temperature of windows on a hot day. Modern uPVC windows do not burn. In fact, in cases of fire, high-quality uPVC windows can help to extinguish it. We all know that if window glasses break, the fresh air makes the fire more intense. So, even if the first glass gets broken due to great temperature difference, the second will allow to hold the fire until the fire brigade puts it out completely. It is also possible to install special glazing which can resist extremely high temperatures to enhance your protection.

When it comes to glazing, uPVC windows (also known as reinforced plastic windows) come out as the most popular option on the modern market. However, many people find it hard to select the best products for glazing of their homes. In this article we are going to dig deeper into this topic to help you make an informed choice.

Nowadays, it is common to replace old outdated wooden frames with modern glass unit constructions. One of the most popular options is the uPVC window, whose price-quality ratio is one of the most favorable. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of profiles and fittings of different quality. The time needed for creation of tailor-made windows ranges from 7 to 14 days which is also very convenient for customers. Glass unit windows are frames with complex constructions produced with the help of uPVC profiles, glass units and mechanisms for opening and closing of window frames. Inside uPVC profiles there are air chambers and steel lattice reinforcing that makes the whole construction stable and durable.

Advantages of uPVC windows

uPVC windows ensure complete sealing. They have excellent insulating and soundproofing properties. As claimed by manufacturers, uPVC windows are completely safe for your health, since they are produced from special environmentally-friendly plastic.

uPVC windows can be practically of any shape, size and color. They can have different opening mechanisms, for example tilting or sliding. uPVC windows are very durable and can resist any atmospheric impacts, therefore their service life can reach up to three, four or even five decades. uPVC windows do not require special care; they do not need to be painted every year or maintained by a professional.

The color of frames can be also quite diverse, including different stone or wood textures.

Plastic windows perfectly match with different kinds of blinds such as roller shades or Roman blinds, as well as all other kinds of window décor.

[/fusion_text][fusion_title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=”” id=””]Disadvantages of uPVC windows[/fusion_title][fusion_text]

Precision and quality of installation works have great influence on the insulating properties of the window. One other disadvantage of uPVC windows is that they are hermetically sealed. Manufacturers of wooden windows claim that wooden frames have micropores that allow fresh air to circulate in an out. As they say, this is the main advantage of wooden windows. However, many people forget that this circulation is not sufficient for a big house. Any living area needs regular airing in order to maintain a healthy microclimate inside the building.

Many materials and household things, like wooden furniture, detergents, paint-and-lacquer coatings, laminates, rugs and carpets etc., emit harmful substances whose concentrations can sometimes exceed allowed norms. This is especially true if the furniture is new or if there has recently been a renovation in the house. Combustion products also contaminate the air if the kitchen hood is not powerful enough. If there is no natural ventilation, micropores in wooden frames will not be able to air the whole house.

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good uPVC windowsFirst of all, you should order uPVC windows only from a reliable company with specialists who have experience in installation of uPVC constructions. A company that has just appeared on the market will definitely offer reduced prices, however you should be careful with their inexperienced specialists. uPVC profiles are empty inside and consist of several air chambers. The more chambers the profile has, the better. This determines the insulating properties of the window. You should also pay attention to the metal profile, which enhances resistance to pressure and adds rigidity to the whole window construction.

The profile thickness is also important for large windows. Moreover, it has to be made of galvanized steel. The profile thickness is directly proportional to the size of the window. Strong winds, especially on top floors, can distort thin profiles. Lightweight profiles are usually used for glazing of balconies and small one-piece windows, for example in the toilet room.

Window fittings (handles, loops and latches) should be of the best quality. It is pointless to save money on these things, even though they may seem unimportant at first sight. You should always select the best options to make your uPVC windows reliable and efficient.

The glass unit is the most important part of the whole uPVC construction. Triple glazed windows (i.e. windows with two air chambers between glasses) are usually installed in areas with severe climate. These constructions perfectly cope with extreme colds and will provide comfort to your rooms both during the day and at night. In the areas with mild climate, people usually prefer to install double glazed windows (i.e. with one air chamber between glasses). Remember, that you buy windows that will serve you for decades, that is why cost cutting is out of question!


Retrofit2Windows are one of the main elements of any building. Reconstruction of old buildings, modification of the exterior of the building or refurbishment of rooms inside the building go hand in hand with the need to install new windows that differ from the old ones by their high-quality and modern style. In order to save money some property owners opt for the window retrofit (i.e. modernization) of the old windows. This approach to money saving is not justified, since window modernization implies a mere substitution of old panes for the new ones or installation of the additional single-glass window frame.

As it is widely known, windows serve not just for aesthetic purposes, but also have certain functional roles that ensure:

Room lighting during the daytime

Natural light in the room greatly depends on the quality of the window glass. Old scratched and worn-out glasses have poor light transmission capacity and therefore make the room almost dark even if the sun outside is shining brightly. On the contrary, a new clear glass can fill the room with light even if the weather outside is gloomy and cloudy.

Circulation of air

Ventilation of rooms is of utmost importance for the good health of any person. Old wooden frames are usually distorted and thus can be hard to open. Sometimes they can even get stuck which certainly is not very convenient. It is very difficult to provide regular airing of the room with such old and unreliable windows. Repairs (retrofit) of old wooden windows implies reduction of sashes by means of partial abrasion. The effects of such repairs last not very long because window distortion will eventually get worse. Moreover, reduced size of window sashes will create big gaps between the frame and the sash that in turn will bring dust and cold air into the room. New PVC windows allow to avoid such problems and ensure continuous flow of fresh air into the room.


Retrofit5Unwanted sounds coming from noisy streets hinder good rest and hence can make a person irritated and nervous. It has been proved that anyone exposed to loud sounds for long periods of time can get a nervous breakdown that inevitably leads to other serious health issues. Single-glass frames and old windows do not have any sealers and thus they always let street noise through into the room. Modernization of old windows in order to make them soundproof usually includes substitution of old window panes for new glass units. The downside of this method is that the thickness of an ordinary old frame is not fit for modern heavy glass units. This means that the load of the glass unit onto the wooden frame will lead to damages such as cracking or splitting of any part of the window. Nobody will argue that if such thing occurs, then the money for the repairs have been simply wasted.

Protection from dust and moisture

Retrofit4Outside winds bring dust into the room through tiny gaps in the old frame. Over time these little particles can get into the lungs and cause serious health problems such as asthma or chronic coughing. Likewise, during rainy seasons rooms become inconvenient because of the moisture that together with dust get through unsealed windows and accumulate in the house. All this can not only influence the wellbeing of house residents but also damage the house itself. Bulging wallpapers, fungus and increased humidity are frequent companions of people who live in unprotected houses. Most of us believe that in order to solve these problems it will be enough to seal the windows with polyurethane resin. However, self-adhesive sealants cannot improve the situation; they serve as temporary protectors that only partially prevent moisture and dust from getting inside the room. More importantly, if the window sashes are frequently opened and closed, the resin sealants can crumple and get deformed. In this case the rooms will get back to their usual damp and dusty condition. Installation of new PVC windows with high-quality sealants will make seasonal sealing of windows unnecessary. 

Heat conservation

During winter seasons heat conservation becomes very important in order to keep comfort and coziness in the house. Single-glass frames cannot block cold wind that comes from the street. It is true that installation of additional frames or substitution of window panes for new glass units can slightly decrease the heat loss, however such makeshift fixes will still make life during strong colds uncomfortable at best. In comparison to solid materials air has low thermal conductivity. Unlike their wooden counterparts, PVC glass windows have frames with air chambers that serve as some sort of a buffer between cold winds and warm room air. PVC windows with multiple chambers that are filled with inert gas completely block heat loss through windows. Rubber sealants between the frame and the shutters ensure firm fit that exclude cold draughts.

Is it worth to retrofit your windows?

Retrofit1Retrofit (modernization) of old windows can be done only to change the exterior of the window or to adjust its style to the overall design of the building. Such modernization will be appropriate only if the windows serve just for decoration purposes and do not have any functional role. For example, it would be a good idea to retrofit old windows of your unheated veranda or countryside cottage which is used only in the summer. In this case money saving will be justified.

It is not wise, however, to spend your money onto modernization of windows in residential or office buildings where people live or work.  The functionality of such refurbished windows will not meet the basic requirements and therefore specialists recommend to install new PVC windows that will make your house comfortable and warm.


uPVC Windows & Doors cost in Melbourne, VICThe basis for calculating the cost of each construction are the dimensions of a window area and type of an opening. The most popular opening we offer for our uPVC windows are:

The wider the movable part of the construction and the more openings in one unit – the more expensive it will cost.

Cost of upvc windows is also influenced by a type of profile systems, glass composition, accessories, window sill sizes, the presence of additional accessories and features, the possibility of extra micro-ventilation devices and the type of services added to the window supply – installation etc.

The final price is directly related to the level of upgrades and installation. The more upgrades are added to the window, the more expensive the cost will be.

Let us consider more details, on what particular components lies price of uPVC windows.

Double glazing

It primarily consists of the cost of glass, which is about 20-70% of the entire window depending on configuration. The price of glass depends basically on the amount and type of glass, it thickness and amount of panel installed in double glazed unit. Number of panes mostly addresses energy efficiency, as well as acoustic properties of your new PVC windows. The increase in the number of panels is proportional to the level of sound and energy insulation.

Energy savings

Nowadays it is important to choose energy efficient windows, which can be achieved using two types of low energy glass: hard coated glass and glass soft coated glass. A soft coating is applied to glass by magnetron method. This coating is a more advanced method and gives the glass a higher energy-saving performance. In the triple glazed windows, you can select a configuration with two energy efficient glass panels in the window in full or just it part, which will achieve higher thermal performance of your window and as a result influence energy efficiency of your house. Just to improve the energy saving argon gas is usually used instead of air between the glass panes. Another factor influencing the energy efficiency is the spacer frame between the panes. It can be a simple aluminum or special plastic spacer what will slightly change thermal properties of the whole double glazed unit in uPVC window .

Since the plastic has a lower coefficient of heat transfer, energy saving property of such windows would be higher. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude – the higher the energy-saving and sound insulation properties you want, the higher will be the price for your windows.


The next parameter that will affect the price – is the hardware. The cost of hardware depends on the material from which it is made. If you are offended low cost fittings made of plastic or low quality metal – be ready to replace in a couple of years time. Blue Sky Windows only installs high-quality steel fittings with a special nano coating of exclusively European manufacturers. We guarantee that our hardware will last as much as uPVC window itself.

We wish you a pleasant shopping through our product and we are sure we can find the right opening style and specification for you!

uPVC vs Aluminium vs Timber windowsWhen it comes to your home it is important to pick the best available material and do a due dilligence in comparing all the pros and cons.

Windows and doors is an important part of the house that works both as an aestetics feature and weather barrier both inside and outside of the house.

Let’s  have a look at major profile material and go in a little bit of detail on what those benefits and negatives are and how these profiles are mainly used in practice.

Wooden windows  are the most traditional profile type and used widely in many residential and commercial applications.  They are  easily available, made in various sizes  and shapes, have a variety of timber they are made from and are very customizable.

Aluminum windows  are  relatively light  weight and are available in different sizes and types. Cost of aluminum window depends upon the section size and thickness used for the window. Aluminium window frame is further divided in two categories – with and without thermal break what brings the total window cost and performance in two complete different areas. Aluminum standard (not thermally broken) window frames are very poor in energy efficiency and sound resistance but are light weight, low cost and required less maintains and painting compaed to timber.

uPVC windows  stands for  the  unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Nowadays uPVC windows are becoming more popular because of high energy efficient, excellent appearance and smooth surface. They are outperforming most of locally made wooden and aluminium windows and create a great value for money proposition whne compared to higher end aluminium thermal break and timber windows solutions.

Let’s see the suitability and economy of all these three types of windows.

 Wooden windows

Wood is an organic material,  a  natural composite of cellulose fibers (which are strong in tension) embedded in a matrix of lignin which resists compression. People have used wood for millennium for many purposes,  primarily as a fuel or as  a  construction material for making houses, tools, weapons, furniture, packaging, artworks, and paper. Wood is a natural  readily available material.

Windows made from wood are more versatile than uPVC and aluminium windows. In being able to paint, varnish and make wood windows any size and colour that you want, you have greater freedom over the style and overall look of your home. On the other hand, that created further long term maintenance commitments and reduces life span of the windows.

Wood windows arguably look more refined, sophisticated and ‘tasteful’ than uPVC windows and aluminium options. These days, however, a lot of uPVC and aluminium window profiles have traditional designs and features to match with traditional house designs.

As wood is considered to be a sustainable building material because it is derived from a renewable source, installing wood windows will mean you are diminishing your carbon footprint.

Aluminium windows

Aluminum is now widely used as the first choice for the construction of Aluminum Doors & Windows, Ventilators and Front Wall Glazing at all major construction sites such as Hotels,  Offices, Complexes, Auditoriums, Hospitals, Showrooms etc. The finished aluminum is generally smooth , having bright finish which is highly amenable to further finishing as demanded by application

Here are the advantages of aluminum windows.

Aluminium windows are structurally the strongest type of window and are much stronger than uPVC or timber windows. In this sense, windows made from aluminium can be used and are widely used in commercial glazing, have really few size restrictions and as a result are very loved in architectural applications where the low profile framing is able to hold big glass panels.

The issue with most of common in Australia aluminium windows is that they are not airtight and well sealed for dust and rain water. Even if window is well sealed and this issue is eliminated using double glazing, there is still a problem of poor energy efficiency of the frame that can be only eliminated by using a better aluminium profile system – thermal break aluminium.

Thermal break aluminium window frame is consisting of two aluminium frame parts with a nylon insert between them what is breaking the conducting aluminium characteristic.

The aluminum window has good corrosion resistance  and it can resist weathering condition very well in comparison to timber windows.

It  does not absorb radiant heat and low absorption helps in maintaining the surrounding area cool during summer and warm in winter. (Of course, mainly applicable for thermally broken aluminium window framing).

The cons of windows from aluminum.

Aluminum window will oxidate over time. This oxidation appears as white residue and pitting Aluminum can corrode quickly if suitable precautions against electrolysis are not taken. With aluminium windows it is always cost versus performance – low cost aluminium windows have very poor energy efficiency, whereas thermally broken aluminium windows and doors are usually come above and beyond the figure on timber or uPVC windows.

Aluminum windows are commonly recommended for building where high degree of elegance is required and therefore are used in architectural designs or general building applications driven by low house prices.

uPVC windows

uPVC Windows are widely used across the globe, from the deserts of Arizona to the coldest parts of Scandinavia,  from the  hot  environs of Gulf to the tropics  of Malaysia, Thailand as well as very extensively in China, S.  Korea, Taiwan,  and many more Geographies.

This  is  due to their good aesthetics, durability, noise proofness,  low  maintenance  requirement,  best air & water tightness, and their ability to provide excellent thermal insulation, thereby helping save lots of heating and cooling costs in homes, offices  and commercial centers.

uPVC Windows come  with a very high quality surface finish, soft contoured profiles and a variety of styles to meet the needs of the most demanding architects, designers and users.

The environmental benefit of using uPVC Windows instead of wood and metal windows is phenomenal. Due to their ability to conserve energy throughout their life time uPVC Windows are recognized as Green Windows  thereby scoring over traditional wood and metal windows.

uPVC windows are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. Apart from the odd wipe down with soapy water every now and then, once your replacement or new windows are installed you won’t have to worry about treating them like you do with certain wooden varieties of windows that can swell and rot. Also uPVC windows will never need to be painted ever again, what saves on maintenance in the long run.

uPVC is an extremely thermally efficient material and can provide your home with greater heat insulation than aluminium and wood windows can.

For a modern home that consists of many modern fittings and features, uPVC is likely to be your best option as it will maintain the style of the property.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that so many people opt for uPVC windows is that they are usually cheaper to buy than compatible in performance aluminium and timber windows.

However, they are still more expensive than the basic low cost low performance wooden and aluminium windows.

What is uPVC Windows — Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

The uPVC window is a choice of smart people because these windows guarantee the reliability, durability, quality and attractive view from the house. The uPVC windows and doors will provide you with safety and good thermal barrier between the outside and inside. You can be totally confident in their weatherproofness and energy efficiency. The special improved window covering gives the glass high energy saving property and economizes your annual expenses and this is quite important at the present time.

Do you dream to wake up early not because of the street noise outside the window? You adore falling asleep in absolute silence but shouts from outside can disturb your rest?  So, this problem you can decide choosing the uPVC windows which can keep you from annoying sounds every morning, evening and night. The uPVC windows have good soundproof properties and this is one of the most efficient preferences if you live in modern city.

What is more these windows are easy to take care of. They are comfortable and easy to clean. You should just wash your window frames with soap and water and they will become spanking new again. There is no need for painting or sealing them as with wood constructions.

The uPVC windows and doors are being created special for you accordingly to the desirable style, conformation and area. You can choose a profile and colour of windows that you like and that will fit into your home perfectly. Our company offers a broad assortment of stylish high-quality plastic windows and doors for reasonable prices. We use the most modern technologies so that we can make your windows multiform and individual.

Generally, the uPVC windows and doors are white in colour but in our firm it is possible, however, to find alternative colours that will meet your needs at a slightly higher cost. We want to make our customers feel free choosing window style, so for those who do not preserve a traditional appearance of the exterior of their property we can propose a wood grain effect, such as oak, rosewood or mahogany. Of course, such units are likely to be a little more expensive than the standard white.

If you are searching for beautiful and ecologically safe windows you move on the right way because our company ensures that the uPVC windows are safe and don’t contain a place for harmful fungus and mould. uPVC is surely an eco-friendly material. In addition, it can be recycled.

Plastic windows and doors are very popular nowadays and there are a lot of reasons for this. They are also known for their long term and security. Comparing with wooden windows these means can provide you with comfort and cosiness for fifty years and more. The frames of the uPVC windows and doors are strong and sturdy, providing enhanced protection against any potential intruders. Our experts will provide qualitative installation of the windows so you will be sure in their security and reliability.

In our company the customer can freely select wished window construction: blank windows, hinged windows or tiltable-flaps windows. The price varies according to a chosen construction but the cost of the uPVC windows is quite reasonable and moderate. It can depend on the chosen style, profile and size of desirable windows.

So, the uPVC windows and doors are the solution of many problems. We propose you the most economical variant of windows and doors that will improve the appearance of your home and will provide it with energy saving properties and reliability for many years.