Case Study

Every house is an inspirational story, full of creativity and integration of different solutions to create a dream home.
Our job is not just to listen, but to hear your story and complement it with our custom made solutions.
Often we face a lot of challenges on our way due to the nature of the building, its age or location, space organization, architectural requirements on specific sizing or look etc. Our job is to make sure we offer solution that would match those specific requirements without compromising the convenience of use or quality of windows and doors. In this section we would like to share some of those stories.

We will take you to the journey from the problem statement till the solution offered with some pictures and customer feedback provided. These stories inspired many of our clients to think differently when it comes to windows and doors and we are happy to share it today.
We love challenges and pride ourselves on creation of customized windows and doors no one can imagine are possible. If you have a new challenge and would like our expertise please get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or using our contact form. We will be happy to show our expertise and offer a customized solution.

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