Double glazed windows

uPVC Double Glazed Windows in Melbourne

Blue Sky Windows is Melbourne based manufacturer of energy efficient custom double glazed windows in Melbourne. We are a family business with many years of experience in the industry. We provide best double glazed windows in Melbourne and our projects include numerous lodges in Falls Creek, Mount Hotham, as well as such amazing projects as a number of buildings in University of Melbourne complex (Ormond College) and Bendigo Soldiers Memorial. In addition to that our portfolio includes numerous private residences with many double and triple glazed windows we supplied to passive houses. Nearly everything is possible with us.

Why uPVC

Whereas most typical windows styles are aluminium and timber, uPVC material is gaining its popularity in Australia. Main benefit over aluminium is thermal efficiency – even thermal break aluminium is unable to compare with uPVC when it comes to thermal efficiency and heat retention. Aluminium is a conductor so any benefit gained by installing double glazing will be reduced by a non-efficient framing of the window. Wooden windows have better thermal properties compared to aluminium, but they need to be constantly maintained. Given the fact that many properties are based in coastal or near coastal areas this is a massive long term cost problem.

Window styles and designs

We offer a wide variety of window designs, but most popular is tilt and turn window. This opening allows a simple ventilation option with superior security even while the sash is in tilted position. When window is open it allows for access necessary for cleaning or enhanced ventilation. Frames have both primary and secondary seals that ensure even better performance. Multipoint locking system adds to sealing properties of the window, adding to noise reduction, security and thermal efficiency. This opening type is so popular that many customers choose it for their laundry doors. Child restrictors can be easily added for upper storey windows. All of our tilt and turn windows come with beautiful incorporated fly screens with a very neat design. Our double glazed windows are available in a variety of colours, most popular however are black and white.

Double glazing and noise efficiency

Double glazed units filled with argon gas and with added low energy coating can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs and add to the level of comfort. Additional options available for noise reduction for various areas with different noise reduction requirements. Triple glazing options we provide help further reduce energy loss through the window and bring you house in line with passive house requirements.

Custom double glazed windows

Our custom manufactured products are made specifically to your requirements and our friendly team will be with you all the way to guide you through the whole process to choose the best design, performance and cost efficient solution. We work with different projects and different budgets, so we can work out the price that will work for you and we can adjust designs to suit your budget.

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More opening options

A turn of the handle in the upright position allows it to tilt inwards from the bottom hinges. And a half-turn of the handle allows the window to swing inwards from the side hinges, enabling the outer pane of glass to be cleaned comfortably from inside your home.

Warmer and quieter

As you’d expect, they are double glazed and filled with argon gas as standard to keep your home warm, quiet, secure and draught-free. We offer a range of triple glazed solutions as well as different glass combinations to achieve your individual performance goals.

Maintenance free

Our uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows are a dream to clean, with side hinges that enable the outer pane to swing inwards allowing them to be cleaned from the inside of your home. You can further go for concealed hinges option for a clean beautiful look of your windows.

Our prices

We can offer double glazed windows from 550$ to 2900$

More secure

Multipoint locking systems and key lockable handle provides superior security to your window and therefore protects your home. Further, you can alter opening size using a tilt restrictor or adding an arrestable stay stepped restrictor for complete peace of mind.

More choice

Our Tilt and Turn windows come in a choice of more than 44 finishes. You can further have an option of different finish inside and outside, as well as variety of additions and features like concealed hinges, child locks, arrestable stays, motorizers etc.