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uPVC Doors in Melbourne

Blue sky door uPVC offer the following benefits

uPVC windows we manufacture will perfectly preserve heat in your home because we make them of high-quality profiles, glass units, and other component parts and materials. Thermal conductivity is the most important property of windows, which is significant both for the living room and bedroom as well as for other rooms and auxiliary premises.

We manufacture tailor-made windows that are easy to clean, and need no painting. If the widow area in your kitchen is situated over the sink, it is inconvenient to open it. We can install a window that would be opened by sliding it aside. We also manufacture windows which have no partition between the sashes when opened (French windows).

High-quality windows can be used for more than 10 years while remaining stable, strong, and tight. We properly select connecting profiles; therefore, the structure of the window is free from fluctuations, vibrations, and wind- and rain-proof. Higher-than-ordinary profile and reinforcements 1.5 – 2 mm thick with additional stiffeners serve as protection against deformation

We manufacture and install windows with lockable handles which provide great security features.

We can manufacture windows of different colours as well as make the internal and external sides of the windows in different colours.

Sound insulation properties of our windows are tested. Therefore, if you live in a noisy area, we will manufacture for you windows that will reduce the noise.

Standard windows are equipped with accessories that prevent thieves from breaking-in, removing the window or pushing it out and opening it on the outside. To improve safety for children, we install accessories that only allow opening the window for ventilation purposes but prevent from opening it fully.

Children are curious and often fail to estimate the dangerousness of their actions. We equip windows with the following means which ensure improved safety of children: lock of the swing part of the window, lockable handle, button handle, and laminated and tempered glass.

If there is no ventilation system (equipment) in the house (apartment), we recommend selecting ventilation accessories for your windows. Plastic windows stand out not only for their excellent insulation properties, but also are highly air-tight.

We can offer uPVC doors from 2400$ to 6200$

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