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Fixed windows

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Upgrade your home with uPVC fixed windows, a sleek and modern solution that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. These windows are designed to provide a clean and unobstructed view, enhancing the overall appeal of your living space. Ideal for residential use, uPVC fixed windows offer a timeless design that complements various architectural styles.


Window Type Details

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Experience flexibility with uPVC fixed windows, available in different configurations to suit your preferences. Choose from an array of sizes, with maximum dimensions reaching an impressive 4500mm x 2700mm. This adaptability ensures a perfect fit for any room, allowing natural light to flood in while maintaining a stylish and contemporary look.

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Customize your uPVC fixed windows with advanced glazing options for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. Select from double glazing or triple glazing to improve insulation, reducing energy costs and minimizing external noise. Additionally, enjoy the freedom to choose from an extensive range of colours, providing both aesthetic appeal and the flexibility to match your home’s interior and exterior design.

Advantages of Tilt Turn Windows


More versatility

Elevate your home’s aesthetics by seamlessly integrating uPVC fixed windows with diverse window and door styles. Achieve a harmonious design, blending modernity and functionality for a cohesive and visually appealing living space.


Warmer and quieter

With their energy-efficient features, they are well-suited for passive houses, providing insulation and contributing to reduced energy consumption. Experience high noise performance, creating a tranquil environment within your home.


More choice

Personalize your uPVC fixed windows further by exploring a palette of over 44 frame colours, allowing you to tailor the windows to your home’s color scheme. Elevate the design with decorative glass options, adding a touch of sophistication. With various patterns and textures available, these windows become a statement piece, enhancing both the interior and exterior of your home.


Our prices

We can offer fixed windows from 800$ to 3200$


More secure

Prioritize safety with uPVC fixed windows, incorporating advanced glass products to enhance security. Strengthen your home against potential threats while maintaining transparency and aesthetics. These windows offer a secure barrier without compromising on style, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.


Maintenance free

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with our easy-to-clean design of all fixed uPVC windows we offer.

Style and quality
in every element

Transform your space with elegance and efficiency! Explore the world of uPVC fixed windows – Contact us for a window into a brighter, stylish future!

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Looking to add elegance and sophistication to your Melbourne home? Consider our exquisite fixed windows in Melbourne! These windows are crafted to perfection, offering timeless design and unparalleled durability.

While fixed windows don’t open, they still provide ample natural light and stunning views. Plus, with our optional fly screen feature, you can enjoy fresh air without worrying about insects.

At Blue Sky Windows, customer satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we offer free measure services to ensure your fixed windows fit seamlessly into your home. Whether you’re looking for windows, doors, or complete home solutions, trust us for quality craftsmanship and exceptional service.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who highly recommend our fixed windows in Melbourne. Elevate your home with Blue Sky Windows today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality!