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      uPVC Windows cost


      The basis for calculating the cost of each construction are the dimensions of a window area and type of an opening. The most popular opening we offer for our uPVC windows are:

      • fixed
      • tilt only
      • tilt turn
      • tilt slide

      The wider the movable part of the construction and the more openings in one unit – the more expensive it will cost.

      Cost of upvc windows is also influenced by a type of profile systems, glass composition, accessories, window sill sizes, the presence of additional accessories and features, the possibility of extra micro-ventilation devices and the type of services added to the window supply – installation etc.

      The final price is directly related to the level of upgrades and installation. The more upgrades are added to the window, the more expensive the cost will be.

      Let us consider more details, on what particular components lies price of uPVC windows.

      Double glazing

      It primarily consists of the cost of glass, which is about 20-70% of the entire window depending on configuration. The price of glass depends basically on the amount and type of glass, it thickness and amount of panel installed in double glazed unit. Number of panes mostly addresses energy efficiency, as well as acoustic properties of your new PVC windows. The increase in the number of panels is proportional to the level of sound and energy insulation.

      Energy savings

      Nowadays it is important to choose energy efficient windows, which can be achieved using two types of low energy glass: hard coated glass and glass soft coated glass. A soft coating is applied to glass by magnetron method. This coating is a more advanced method and gives the glass a higher energy-saving performance. In the triple glazed windows, you can select a configuration with two energy efficient glass panels in the window in full or just it part, which will achieve higher thermal performance of your window and as a result influence energy efficiency of your house. Just to improve the energy saving argon gas is usually used instead of air between the glass panes. Another factor influencing the energy efficiency is the spacer frame between the panes. It can be a simple aluminum or special plastic spacer what will slightly change thermal properties of the whole double glazed unit in uPVC window .

      Since the plastic has a lower coefficient of heat transfer, energy saving property of such windows would be higher. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude – the higher the energy-saving and sound insulation properties you want, the higher will be the price for your windows.


      The next parameter that will affect the price – is the hardware. The cost of hardware depends on the material from which it is made. If you are offended low cost fittings made of plastic or low quality metal – be ready to replace in a couple of years time. Blue Sky Windows only installs high-quality steel fittings with a special nano coating of exclusively European manufacturers. We guarantee that our hardware will last as much as uPVC window itself.

      We wish you a pleasant shopping through our product and we are sure we can find the right opening style and specification for you!