Koemmerling profile

All profiles used by Blue Sky Windows in Australia are tested to AS 2047and AS 1288 requirements, as well as being BAL standardised. We use a wide range of high quality German components in the production of our doors and windows and Kommerling is one of our biggest suppliers.



PremiDoor is a lifting, sliding uPVC door solution provided by Kommerling. These types of door are ideal for installations where a large opening is desired, for example a lounge backing onto a garden or terrace area. This can effectively turn your outdoor space into another room in your home.

PremiDoor offers insulation against external noise created by traffic and other disturbances, through the use of reinforced materials and glazing combinations. The uPVC PremiDoor solutions are capable of reaching sound reduction coefficients of 45 dB.

The web-like Koemmerling profile structure disallows thermal bridging, meaning that the door better insulates against heat loss, keeping your home warmer and more energy efficient. When combined with glazing, this benefit can be enhanced further.

Kommerling PremiDoor uses a 76 mm profile system, with sashes up to 3.0m high and 3.0m wide. The PremiDoor system is also BAL 40-certified and can stand up to whatever mother nature can throw at it.


PremiLine Sliding Doors

The PremiLine Sliding Door solution can easily accompany Kommerling 70mm frames and boast a range of technical features and style options. Some of the benefits of the PremiLine solution include:

  • a choice of 2, 3 or 4 panel openings;
  • doors that slide with minimal effort or noise;
  • an extensive choice of colours;
  • high quality tracks built from stainless steel for longevity.

Kommerling C70 Gold Profiles

Bushfires are unpredictable and can be difficult to bring under control before they’ve already caused significant damage. Therefore, the need to safeguard a house against a bushfire passing in close proximity is essential, to safeguard life and protect against financial loss.

The C70 Gold profiles developed by Kommerling are specialised in that they are resistant to the damaging effects of bushfires. Successfully tested against the requirements of AS 3959: 2009 and AS 1530.8.1: 2007 — the construction of buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas — these profiles have also met the required standard for Bushfire Attach Level 40.

The C70 Gold chamfered system consists of a modern, 5-chambered design built from uPVC, unlike many competitors that still use outdated 3-chamber designs. This has a direct affect on energy efficiency, making the Kommerling C70 Gold immediately better than 3-chamber solutions for keeping your home insulated. It is commonly known as one of the most simple systems to install, and some of its most striking features include:

  • a frame depth of 70 mm;
  • 5 chambers;
  • profiles reinforced with steel;
  • improved security through the use of internal beading;
  • 44 coloured or wood grain finishes to choose from;
  • multi-point locking security systems.

What’s more, the C70 Gold can accommodate your style preferences. Replacing old, timber windows with the C70 doesn’t mean compromising on colour or style; you can choose from a large variety of colours that include wood grain, black, white, and ash. These colours can be separately tailored for the interior and exterior.