BAL 40 Certified

When your home falls within a Bushfire Prone Area, it is important to give attention and consideration to how well protected your home would be, should it be exposed to the intense heat given off from a bushfire.

Blue Sky Windows are proud to have a BAL 40-certified uPVC system in Australia. This refers to the “Bushfire Attack Level” rating, with BAL 40 being the highest protection against radiant heat and ember attack outside of the Flame Zone (BAL FZ). BAL 40 offers protection against burning debris to a significant level of radiant heat, and potentially even contact by flames.

Profiles from Kommerling, which are used by Blue Sky Windows in the manufacturing process, are specifically designed for use in Bushfire Prone Areas. The special design aids in protecting your home and its inhabitants from the risks posed by a bushfire.

Achieving such protection does not come at an aesthetic cost, as the BAL 40-certified uPVC window and door systems we produce incorporate such protection with stylish design. The windows themselves do not require additional metal screens or shutters, as is the case with some other solutions on the market. This means that you can continue to enjoy interrupted views of the outdoors, floods of natural light and good ventilation, whilst also retaining strong noise insulation and energy efficiency.

If you’re building a new home or carrying out significant renovations to your existing home, then our door and window solutions can help you to comply with Australian Standards AS 3959-2009 and AS 1530.8.1 for constructing a home in a BAL 40 Bushfire Prone Area.