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Parallel and Slide Doors

Parallel and Slide Doors in Melbourne

Our Parallel & Slide Doors offer the benefits of a sliding door, whilst retaining a simple interior appearance, with no visible tracks, and not skimping on security features.

Door Type Details


Similar to our Lift Slide and Sliding doors, our Parallel Slide doors can be configured in a number of different ways to suit the room and opening in which they are installed. Combinations of fixed and sliding panes allow you to choose the number of doors that you wish to have in your arrangement, as well as the direction of slide and how many of the panels are fixed or moveable. The panels may open outwards or inwards, depending on preference.

Parallel Slide uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Style: parallel and slide

This versatile opening type combines tilt and turn functions in one window. Would you like to get a fresh breath of air — just tilt the window without compromising security. Need a quick draft or access through the window for cleaning and access — open it in a turn. Dividers can be inserted to give a traditional look to the window.

Parallel Slide uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Material: uPVC

uPVC parallel & slide doors are built to last. Zero maintenance material provides a vast variety of options to satisfy your needs for traditional or contemporary look. They combine warmth and efficiency, protecting from noise and from burglary and are available in a combination with many features, including triple glazing and custom built shapes and colours.

Parallel Slide uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

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Advantages of Parallel & Slide Doors

Opening options

The nature of the way in which our Parallel & Slide Doors open means that you can open them a little, or a lot. This allows you to provide your home with the desired level of ventilation, or maintain the circulation of fresh air even if adverse weather prevents you from fully opening the doors.

More styles

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes that mean you can style your Parallel & Slide Doors to your preference and to suit the rest of your home’s characteristics. Once built, you won’t need to paint, repaint or stain your doors, as they’re built from durable uPVC.

Effective use of space

The Parallel & Slide system makes effective use of the space in your home by allowing you to open the doors by essentially stacking them, when they are slid open. Traditional doors typically open inwardly, which can be an issue for smaller rooms, where furniture may get in the way.

Our prices

We can offer uPVC parallel slide doors from 2750$ to 3800$

More secure

The Parallel & Slide doors offered by Blue Sky
Windows don’t compromise on security. The moveable
panels, when closed, lock into position using an
interior key-locked handle, which uses a
well-concealed multi-point locking system on all


The main benefit of our uPVC Parallel & Slide Doors is that there is no exposed track rail when the doors are closed. The sliding door ejects itself outward from the track when opened, and slides parallel behind the fixed door panel. This creates a minimalistic design in your home, with no track rails visible when shut.