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French Doors

French Doors in Melbourne

Mixing a classic design with modern functionality and build, our French Doors offer a gateway to the outside world from the comfort of your home. Custom built by Blue Sky Windows, these doors maximise on the potential space in any room.

Door Type Details


French doors can be styled in different ways, typically using varied number of panes. We can style your French doors from a single pane, (usually known as ‘one light’) all the way up to 10 pane (‘ten light’) styles, arranges in a 2 x 5 formation. Traditional French doors are hinged, though they can also be created with sliding or folding functionality.

Additional style options can be added on, too. These include colonial bars. You might also opt for shutters, which can be colour-matched to the window profiles. Fixed lights for above or beside the door can also be added on to your order, which will bring additional light to the interior or exterior of your home.

French uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Material: uPVC

uPVC french doors are built to last. Zero maintenance material provides a vast variety of options to satisfy your needs for traditional or contemporary look. They combine warmth and efficiency, protecting from noise and from burglary and are available in a combination with many features, including triple glazing and custom built shapes and colours.

Style: french

French door is a great way of opening for any room in the house. Always trendy, always beautiful, always functional. Our French door come with multipoint security locking system, various options of handles, semi-concealed door hinges, as well as easy level operation for a secondary sash. This means you don’t have to kneel down or reach up to unlock the door anymore — just use the little level handle to get full access.

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Advantages of French Doors

More colours

We can build your uPVC French doors in a range of colours. We’ll work around your home’s existing characteristics to give you the look that you’re aiming for, and blend them seamlessly with the design of your house or apartment so that you’re completely happy with the final product.

More secure

Our French doors have one simple point of entry, using a central handle; however, they also feature multi-point locking systems so that you don’t compromise on security. You can keep your home safe from intruders, whilst having simple access to your home.

Energy efficient

Although using a traditional design, French doors do not skimp on the quality of insulation. We only use high quality materials to ensure that your home is draught-free and energy efficient, and will stand up against the elements for many years to come.

Our prices

We can offer uPVC french doors from 3000$ to 4100$

High mobility

Our French doors provide a wide point of access to the home. When fully opened, they make an inviting entrance to a garden or patio area. They’re also ideal for those with low mobility, as they have such a large opening, making it easy to access the outdoors from the room in which they’re installed.

More styles

In addition to finding the colour that you prefer, we can also offer you a range of styles for your French doors. We can manufacture doors of varying width, those that fold or collapse inwards rather than swinging open and closed, and those with optional shutters or colonial bars, for an authentic European look.