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Hinged and Entry Doors

Hinged and Entry Doors

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Finding a well-built entry door is essential, both for giving good first impressions of your home, and for keeping your home secure, as the single biggest point of entry. Hinged doors are also great for any additional external doors including laundry, pantry and backyard doors where the space is limited. They can open in and out and have a low sill while maintaining double rubber seals for weather and noise sealing purposes.


Door Type Details

titl and turn and entry door


Our Entry doors are among the most customisable door types that we produce. Configurations allow you to simply have a stand-alone door, or to style it further with additional panes on one or both sides of the entrance door. These can either be full or partial length, too. We can customise the design to include more or less glass, depending upon your preferences.

uPVC entry doors are built to last. We have multiple designs available with SIP panels, glass, combination of the dividers located in different directions and many more.



Additional configurations and accessory options are also available, such as variety of styles for door handles, colonial bars, combinations of doors and windows sections and our new 0 sill passive house low sill Alumat.

Our hinged and entry doors have multipoint door locking system and beautiful semi-concealed hinges as standard, contributing to performance of the doors including air tightness and noise prevention.

Advantages of Traditional Entry Doors


More options

Choosing an entry door with Blue Sky Windows also means deciding not only on a style, but also on the other important aspects of the door; mailboxes, door knockers and handlers. We can help you to style the entry door that best suits your personality and home.


Warm and quiet

As the main gateway to your home, your door should be strong, secure and resistant to weathering. Our entry doors are constructed from uPVC using only the highest quality components, and feature comprehensive locking systems to ensure that only you and your family can access your home.


Low maintenance

Doors composed of other materials such as wood are vulnerable to weathering and can warp and twist. The same doesn’t apply to uPVC doors, which don’t even require any staining or painting. The material is also extremely easy to wipe clean and are typically better at holding a strong, insulated seal than wood.


Our prices

We can offer uPVC traditional entry doors from 1700$ to 2950$


Durability and security

The entry door to your home will most likely see the most use out of any door in the home, as well as being the most exposed to the elements. Our high quality craftsmanship ensures that you’ll get a door that will stand the test of time. Comprehensive locking systems and solid uPVC build ensure that your home will stay safe and secure from both intruders and mother nature.


Color and finish

One of the main differences between entry doors and other doors within the home or patio area is the freedom of choice. There are many more style options available, with or without glass, and in varying colours. Blue Sky Windows can manufacture you a door with your preferred style, colour, texture and finish.

Style and quality
in every element

We offer a great flexibility when it comes to hinged and entry uPVC doors. You can draw the design you are after and we will implement it. All this without compromising any technical features. Give us a call or request a quote for your new door today.

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Tilt and Turned _ Hinged Door #4195 Belgrave


Looking to make a grand entrance? Explore our premium selection of hinged and entry doors in Melbourne! Crafted with precision and style, our hinged and entry doors are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home.

Experience the ease of opening the door to welcome in the fresh air while keeping pests out with our optional fly screen feature. Our hinged and entry doors boast impeccable door design, ensuring a seamless blend of elegance and durability.

At Blue Sky Windows, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer free measure services to ensure your hinged and entry doors fit perfectly into your home. Whether you’re in need of doors, windows, or comprehensive home solutions, trust us for quality craftsmanship and exceptional service.

Join the countless satisfied customers who highly recommend our hinged and entry doors in Melbourne. Make a statement with your entrance – choose Blue Sky Windows for premium quality and timeless design!