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Traditional Folding / Bi-fold Doors

Our Bi-Fold doors are ideal for maximising on the space available in your room, providing a large point of entry into an outdoor patio or garden space.

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Bi-fold doors are extremely customisable to your preferred space in the home. Unlike a traditional sized entrance that will generally use a single or double door by default, bi-fold doors are ideal for filling larger spaces, where 3, 4 or even 5 panels are required. Because the doors fold into one another, the additional panels do not take up any extra space in the home when opening them up.

With our Bi-fold doors, you may choose to have anywhere from 3 to 6 panes fitted, depending upon the size of the opening that you have to fill. You can then choose the arrangement by which the doors will fold, specifying the direction, as well as the number of panes that fold and the number that are fixed.

Bi-fold uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Style: bi-fold

If open space design requires a full access through the door where no compromises can be made – folding opening style is a way to go. With multiple combinations possible you can build up a various amounts or sashes starting with either a single opening or a French style door at the start with double door styles and more.

Bi-fold uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Material: uPVC

uPVC Bi-Fold doors are built to last. Zero maintenance material provides a vast variety of options to satisfy your needs for traditional or contemporary look. They combine warmth and efficiency, protecting from noise and from burglary and are available in a combination with many features, including triple glazing and custom built shapes and colours.

Bi-fold uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

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Advantages of Bi-fold Doors

Easy maintenance

These doors are simple in design and easy to maintain.
The way in which they open, or fold, makes it easy to
clean both the interior and exterior surfaces, as the
windows do not slide over each other. This makes it
simple for you to keep your new doors


The nature of our Bi-fold doors means that you can either fully or partially collapse them, depending on your needs. They can be partially opened to allow a small amount of ventilation, to freshen up the home and to circulate any unpleasant odours, or fully opened to allow a wide point of access to the home or garden.

Fease of access

The collapsible nature of our Bi-fold doors
provide an easy access to the outdoor space that
lies beyond, typically to the rear of the home.
These doors collapse and fold into one another,
opening up a wide entry point that is ideal for
hosting large gatherings or for active children.

Our prices

We can offer uPVC folding doors from 3000$ to 4400$

Modern appearance

Bi-fold doors allow seamless visibility of the outdoors, with no compromise on strength or security. The design of these doors offers a modern aesthetic when compared to more traditional styles, such as European French doors, for example.

Sealed and secure

The folding nature of these doors does not mean a decrease in energy efficiency. Our Bi-fold doors offer excellent insulation, whilst still being secure enough that they’re a preferred choice by retailers and showrooms wishing to turn the outside space into another usable area of the home.