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      When people buy new things, they always want to make sure that the quality of their purchase meets the price. It is easy to do this, for example, in a supermarket where you can touch the goods or even in some cases have a taste of the food you are going to buy. However, when it comes to buying new uPVC windows or doors, customers often realize that in fact they are buying a pig in a poke. Of course, you can request samples of glasses or profiles but you will not see the final construction until it is delivered to your entrance door.

      Blue Sky Windows in Melbourne gives you a unique opportunity to see the uPVC constructions in their original size and shape before you buy them. We have built a special trailer which serves as a display model of our most popular uPVC products. With its help you will easily understand the difference between double and triple glazed windows, get familiar with various designs that are applied during assembly of uPVC windows and uPVC doors, find out about the security features that are offered by these modern constructions and much more.

      Quite often our clients have some special preferences and wishes, but they do not know how to express them in words. Some would want a tilt and turn window, while others would prefer to have a vertical or horizontal sliding sash window. There are also awning and hopper windows, center pivots, casement windows, bay and bow windows. Clients who would like to buy uPVC doors will also face this wide range of terminology that can puzzle even the smartest person. With the help of our trailer you can choose the right construction without any troubles and long discussions. Our specialists will help you decide which design will best fit your house and interior and most likely you will be able to even test that construction right then and there.

      DSC_0065There are also those that do not believe in many benefits uPVC windows and doors can offer. They think that this is a big trick that is used by dishonest companies to lure more people into buying new windows. They refuse to understand that reinforced polyvinyl chloride profiles are more functional and have better quality than conventional wooden frames, not to mention many other advantages that are characteristic for uPVC constructions. We understand that the widespread advertisements and promises can scare some people off, however we are ready to prove that our claims are more than empty words.

      With the help of our presentation trailer our specialists can show you that uPVC windows can keep the temperature inside the building at a required level regardless of the climatic conditions outside of your house. This becomes possible due to enhanced insulation properties of double glazed polyvinyl chloride windows and doors which are enhanced even more if you install triple glazed constructions. Insulation allows you to not only save energy and cut your energy bills, but also make your house calmer and quieter. The vacuum between the panes acts like a noise absorber, that is why you may be sure that cars which constantly move past your house or noisy neighbors who like to shout at each other from time to time will not be a problem for you anymore.

      WP_20170218_0031Blue Sky Windows specialists can also show you that our products are weather-proof. You can hose our trailer for many hours or leave it under the snow if weather permits. The trailer will remain always clean and dry inside. The same will apply to your house. New uPVC windows and doors will make it resistant to blizzards, heavy showers and other environmental phenomena so that you can enjoy a comfortable life in your beloved house.

      Extra security that becomes a reality with uPVC doors and windows is also a very useful feature. Many people fail to understand that we are living in a society that is full of robbers, burglars and other criminals who usually choose to break into your house through windows and doors. Of course you can install the latest security system which will scan the perimeter of your house, record every movement and make an alarm if someone unwanted gets into your house. However, we believe it is more reasonable to take care of the entrances in the first place rather than turn to hi-tech devices that will guard a “shabby fortress”. Every client of Blue Sky Windows can test our trailer for security and make sure that all fittings, profiles and accessories are strong, reliable and safe.

      Furthermore, many people feel that installation of new uPVC windows and doors will add unbearable chores to their daily routines. They believe that such complex constructions as polyvinyl chloride windows for example need to be cleaned with special detergents, varnished every year and repaired by a specialist just about every month. However, this is not true, since uPVC windows and doors require only occasional wiping with a soft cloth and oiling once every one or two years. What is more, modern compounds that are used for production of uPVC constructions ensure that the windows and doors do not rot or bend which will surely save you some money. Also, you will not need to paint them since polyvinyl chloride profiles do not lose their color even after five, ten or more years.

      Finally, Blue Sky Windows offers constructions that are fire resistant. Unlike timber windows and doors, uPVC constructions are very difficult to ignite. This property makes it possible to provide better level of fire security which has unarguably become quite useful in Australian rural areas where bushfires and other natural accidents occur every now and then.

      So, when energy bills are constantly growing, environmental issues are raised more and more often and building standards and regulations become stricter and harsher every year, it makes good sense to choose windows and doors that offer more for a lower cost. Durability, environmental sustainability, wide range of styles and designs and low maintenance requirements are only few of the properties that accelerated the growth of popularity of uPVC constructions on the modern market and made unplasticized poly vinyl chloride one of the most important materials used in the building industry.