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      Advantages and disadvantages of uPVC windows

      glazing uPVC windows

      When it comes to glazing, uPVC windows (also known as reinforced plastic windows) come out as the most popular option on the modern market. However, many people find it hard to select the best products for glazing of their homes. In this article we are going to dig deeper into this topic to help you make an informed choice.

      Nowadays, it is common to replace old outdated wooden frames with modern glass unit constructions. One of the most popular options is the uPVC window, whose price-quality ratio is one of the most favorable. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of profiles and fittings of different quality. The time needed for creation of tailor-made windows ranges from 7 to 14 days which is also very convenient for customers. Glass unit windows are frames with complex constructions produced with the help of uPVC profiles, glass units and mechanisms for opening and closing of window frames. Inside uPVC profiles there are air chambers and steel lattice reinforcing that makes the whole construction stable and durable.

      Advantages of uPVC windows

      uPVC windows ensure complete sealing. They have excellent insulating and soundproofing properties. As claimed by manufacturers, uPVC windows are completely safe for your health, since they are produced from special environmentally-friendly plastic.

      uPVC windows can be practically of any shape, size and color. They can have different opening mechanisms, for example tilting or sliding. uPVC windows are very durable and can resist any atmospheric impacts, therefore their service life can reach up to three, four or even five decades. uPVC windows do not require special care; they do not need to be painted every year or maintained by a professional.

      The color of frames can be also quite diverse, including different stone or wood textures.

      Plastic windows perfectly match with different kinds of blinds such as roller shades or Roman blinds, as well as all other kinds of window décor.

      Precision and quality of installation works have great influence on the insulating properties of the window. One other disadvantage of uPVC windows is that they are hermetically sealed. Manufacturers of wooden windows claim that wooden frames have micropores that allow fresh air to circulate in an out. As they say, this is the main advantage of wooden windows. However, many people forget that this circulation is not sufficient for a big house. Any living area needs regular airing in order to maintain a healthy microclimate inside the building.

      Many materials and household things, like wooden furniture, detergents, paint-and-lacquer coatings, laminates, rugs and carpets etc., emit harmful substances whose concentrations can sometimes exceed allowed norms. This is especially true if the furniture is new or if there has recently been a renovation in the house. Combustion products also contaminate the air if the kitchen hood is not powerful enough. If there is no natural ventilation, micropores in wooden frames will not be able to air the whole house.

      good uPVC windowsFirst of all, you should order uPVC windows only from a reliable company with specialists who have experience in installation of uPVC constructions. A company that has just appeared on the market will definitely offer reduced prices, however you should be careful with their inexperienced specialists. uPVC profiles are empty inside and consist of several air chambers. The more chambers the profile has, the better. This determines the insulating properties of the window. You should also pay attention to the metal profile, which enhances resistance to pressure and adds rigidity to the whole window construction.

      The profile thickness is also important for large windows. Moreover, it has to be made of galvanized steel. The profile thickness is directly proportional to the size of the window. Strong winds, especially on top floors, can distort thin profiles. Lightweight profiles are usually used for glazing of balconies and small one-piece windows, for example in the toilet room.

      Window fittings (handles, loops and latches) should be of the best quality. It is pointless to save money on these things, even though they may seem unimportant at first sight. You should always select the best options to make your uPVC windows reliable and efficient.

      The glass unit is the most important part of the whole uPVC construction. Triple glazed windows (i.e. windows with two air chambers between glasses) are usually installed in areas with severe climate. These constructions perfectly cope with extreme colds and will provide comfort to your rooms both during the day and at night. In the areas with mild climate, people usually prefer to install double glazed windows (i.e. with one air chamber between glasses). Remember, that you buy windows that will serve you for decades, that is why cost cutting is out of question!