These days uPVC windows are not a hard to find gem anymore and there is a wide variety of companies and profiles to choose from. We have been asked by our customers a number of times what makes us different to other players on the market and here is a reply.


A smart woman once said: the market is a pie and every company has a piece. We don’t want the whole pie, but we want the bigger piece to grow a healthy business. The best way to do it is to make the pie bigger.


Our mission is to educate people about European style windows and doors. We have created mobile showroom representing the best opening styles available in Europe and we take part in most expos and shows in VIC and NSW educating people about the product and what difference it makes.

We are family owned and operated business of European origin willing to bring positive change to Australian windows market in sustainability and energy efficiency field.


We work with most recognized architects in Australia on most complex projects in the country. We have the biggest knowledge on the technical differences of the product. We are able to provide solution for the most incredible architectural ideas. We have experience working on Passive House projects in both consulting and supplying capacities. We don’t just quote on projects, we design them with the client to maximize the views and to provide the most beautiful and advanced solution for the space. We love the challenge! – Bring it on!


We will not manufacture the job if it does not respond to the benchmark we set up as we are not willing to be associated with a lower level opening styles or components. We will not do single glazed – not because we can’t, but because we won’t and some other items listed below as we value or name and we are known for providing the best solution, not just get the job for the sake of getting the job.

With us you can get any possible handle colour and style at no extra cost, any possible feature added to the window and much more to make your window special.


We work with Koemmerling Profile by Profine GmbH that is one of the very few profiles that is actually manufactured in Germany, not just “German brand”. We are one of the very few that can actually prove origin of the profiles as all our invoices are paid directly to Germany in Euro and all profiles you receive come with barcodes and packing details on them – please come to our factory to see for your self J

Our hardware comes from Germany through local distributors and our glass is made in Australia.


Our manufacturing is completed in Australia in Melbourne and every person who comes into our showroom is welcome to have a look at how manufacturing process is done.


No to Single Glazed

Yes, we don’t manufacture single glazed windows. Not because we can’t, but because we won’t. We don’t want to be associated with single glazed windows. If you don’t want to go double glazed but want uPVC – you are overspending here really… so we suggest to go for aluminium instead as you will not get any value of using us. So we will not do it.

No to Winders – Yes to Handles

Yes, we don’t manufacture windows with winders, we don’t just quote on what people have in their schedules and we will not do a job if we don’t believe it will work well and look well in the future. We are happy to let go of the awnings and casements with the winders as this solution has not been approved for proper use in uPVC profiles.

Double hung style – Yes. Double Hung – No.

Yes, we don’t manufacture double hung because it is not compliant with our quality benchmarks and we are not willing to provide our customers with underperforming solutions. However, we can make your windows look like double hung but last way longer than any double hung will with no long term performance issues.

Traditional Patio Systems – Maybe Not?

Yes, we will talk you out of sliding, stacker and bi fold as they are out-dated systems that are not worth what you are paying for them and there are a lot better systems out there that will last and perform ways better than the abovementioned.


Last but not least – we are very price competitive. Why? – we don’t spend on expensive marketing, we don’t have blue tie sales representatives making lots of quotes that go in the bin and we run a very sustainable business.

We believe our customers are able to take pictures of the windows or send approximate dimensions to get a quote. If they are able to make a small effort in doing that or to come into the showroom – we will happily take it from there with the most amazing service J

We spend on components and education and people come to us because they trust us. We have a very efficient and experienced team and advanced machinery allowing us to be more productive and grow stronger every day.


We believe that business is run on innovation and education.

We are driven by innovation and their implementation in our business procedures.

We run on latest software products and apps and gadgets to make our work process smooth and reduce any possible waste processes.

We bring new hardware product to Australian markets every time they appear in Europe. We were the first and only company in Australia to introduce parallel tilt turn window feature and brave enough to make a first of a kind sample window. We develop our product range daily bringing you more options to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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