Hardware and accessories

The hardware systems that we use at Blue Sky Windows are manufactured in Germany, and include components produced by companies including Kommerling, Hautau, WinkHaus, RotoFrank, and Dr. Hahn.


Hautau supplies convenient sliding systems for a range of sliding windows, which provide products that open with effortless ease. Their components are used in the production of products that use the tilt & slide technology.


Kommerling are providers of sturdy and durable profiles and sliding door systems. The products sourced from this supplier are specially designed for use in Bushfire Prone Areas, with BAL 40 protection against bushfires.


WinkHaus are providers of window components that are used in the manufacturing of Blue Sky Windows. Only the highest quality components are sourced from this supplier, which include locking mechanisms, door handles, door locks and safety catches for windows.


RotoFrank supplies a number of products used in the manufacturing process, including window and door hinges and opening mechanisms, and specialised locking systems.

Dr. Hahn

Dr. Hahn is a German supplier of high quality door hinges, used in our manufacturing process.

We offer a range of different handles that can be tailored to the type and style of door that you have chosen. The following is a list of all of the different types of handles that we can provide you with at Blue Sky Windows.

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