Free low energy glass and argon gas upgrade! Superior performance for same price.

Total window U-value below 1.5 with just simple double glazed unit!

What is ARGON?

low energy glass and argon gas

Argon is an inert gas that fills in double glazed unit instead of a dried air. It has a better persistence and as a result slower process of temperature exchange between two glass panels. Therefore argon provides better energy efficiency compared to air. Additionally those double glazed units enhance protection from the UV. Therefore you are not only keeping warmer in winter, but cooler in summer. Argon is most effective in double glazed unit with low emissivity coated glass.

What is Low Energy Glass?

Low energy glass is glass with a very thin, not visible silver coating (0.08-0.12 micron), that enhances reflectivity of heat. The coating is located inside of the double glazed unit and therefore there is no chance of being scratched. Low Energy glass significantly increases energy efficiency of the windows. Please see comparison table below.

low energy glass and argon gas

Use of low energy glass together with argon gas creates superior performance of the window.

Double glazed unit (IGU) type IGU specification Energy efficiency / U-value (less is better)*
IGU with air 4 mm / 12-20 mm AIR / 4 mm 2.7
IGU with argon 4 mm /12-20 mm ARGON / 4 mm 2.6
IGU with low E and argon 4 mm low E / 12-20 ARGON / 4 mm 1.37
Triple glazed unit with low E on 2 surfaces and argon 4 mm low E / 12 ARGON / 4 mm low E / 12 argon / 4 mm 0.9

*U-value figure stands for amount of energy loss in Watts per degree difference in temperature between inside and outside. Therefore the lower this figure is the better performance window has. U-value data provided taken from Viridian data sheets. More details at

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