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Many people have already marked the convenience of internal blinds, however not everyone knows that the usual blinds have their outer counterpart. External blinds are considered as a multifunctional device that can protect a house from burglars, heat, sun and strong wind. What are the benefits of such protection? Where can these devices be installed? Let us try to answer these questions.

Benefits of external blinds

External blinds may be regarded as a modern analogue of shutters that were used in old times by people to keep their homes warm. Certainly, present-day manufacturers create much more comfortable and stylish models that will certainly fit into the exterior of any building. What are the benefits and features of external blinds?

  • They protect homes from penetration of sunlight. Blinds that are used inside the houses increase the room temperature by heating up during the summer. On the other hand, blinds that are used outside the building prevent windows from getting too hot. This allows to protect the house not only from the sun but also from scorching heat. In the winter the device will block the cold wind and keep the warmth indoors.
  • Installation of external blinds is a perfect opportunity to get rid of loud street noise. Sound absorption is another unquestionable benefit of this device. This feature will prove really useful to those people who live on busy streets where traffic does not stop at all.
  • Blinds can also save your house from breaking and entering. The most noticeable advantage in this case is their stylish design, which is way better than that of gratings. Another advantage is their movability. Unlike gratings that block the view from the window, external blinds can be drawn away, thus opening a beautiful scene outside. Proper blinds will decorate the exterior of any building and make it look fancy and modern.
  • If the blinds are not automatic, they will have to be opened and closed manually.
  • Cleaning will have to be done outside. This is the characteristic feature of the device. The blinds have to be manually cleaned with the help of special cleaning agents in order to prevent metal corrosion.
External blinds
External blinds

The device is installed on any windows regardless of their shape and size. However, installation in high-rise buildings can be difficult because it is not safe to clean and open them at big heights. In this case it will be wise to purchase an automated model that can be controlled remotely.

Where is it possible to install external blinds?

  • Residential houses, country houses or cottages. The blinds will protect the house from burglary. Still, if a burglar will try to break into the house, he will fail to do this without loud noise that will certainly draw attention of neighbors and thus help save the property.
  • Office buildings and banks. Such buildings require special protection since these are the places where money and valuable papers are kept.
  • It is not uncommon, when entrance doors are equipped with blinds to protect the car from being highjacked.
  • Shops, booths and storage buildings. Blinds can additionally protect outlets with display windows from hooligans and other criminals.

External blinds are a multifunctional device that should be installed by anyone who cares about one’s own safety. Each specific building can be fitted with the blinds at a reasonable price that will ensure comfortable microclimate inside the building in hot weather, protect the house from draughts during cold seasons and safeguard the property from burglars the whole year round.